A brief history of my photography

The Downward Spiral
I have been an artist since my college days.  In the era of black and white film, I dropped a roll of 35mm Tri-X into my K-1000 and clicked the back closed.  I can still hear that hollow "click" of the Pentax as I rubbed my right thumb against the lower corner of the back of my camera to make sure it was closed.  That soft click of my camera closing was followed by a rumble in the distance of an avalanche of surreal events which I could never have foreseen.  My once very predictable, boring life dropped away as I fell into the rabbit hole without the means or the motivation to stop myself from spiraling downward, down into a world of glorious chaos and wicked imagery.  I am an artist.

Photography at Dowling College, Oakdale, NY
- 1991
First Place Fire Island Photography Contest
- 1992
Internet website publication
- 1994
World Fine Art Gallery Group Show
- 1997
Solo Exhibition, Nicholas Joseph Art Gallery, Penn Plaza
- 1998
Double Exposure Group Show, Soho Photo, Tribeca
- 2002
Clouds Solo Show, Soho Photo, Tribeca
- 2002
Reflections Group Show, Image Gallery, Riverhead
- 2003
The Kinsey Institute 2007 Juried Art Show, Indiana University
- 2007
Book publication Reflections
- 2008
Solo Show Banished From Sayville, bjspoke gallery, Huntington
- 2012
Group Show Artist Choice, bjspoke gallery, Huntington
- 2013
Group Show Harvest of Artists, bjspoke gallery, Huntington
- 2013, 2014, 2015
I'm Ready For My Close-up Exhibition, Manhasset, NY
- 2016
The Art of the Figure
Exhibition, Setauket, NY
- 2018
Models Wanted
Much of my current work is female figurative color digital photography shot with optical distortion.  This allows me new depth in composition using the familiar theme of the nude.  Models are professionals having established a long and rewarding history with me.  I am always engaged in the search for new friends to work with to add to my circle of like-minded creative models.  If you are from the NYC / Long Island area, be sure to email a photo showing some skin and we can start a dialog about creating some art.
Contact Me
(516) 336-9099‬

865 Broadwy Avenue
Holbrook, NY  11741
I am a starving artist e.g. if you're selling anything, I am not  buying.  If you would like to chat about modeling for me, please visit http://model.hbutz.com